ACT-AEC Fall Meeting

Prince Edward Island Convention Centre – Charlottetown, PEI
September 21st – 22nd 2023

ACT-AEC recently convened for our much-anticipated Fall Meeting. Over the two days, we heard from our 20 Portfolio Hospitals, RFA1 winners, and RFA2 winners. We had exciting keynote speakers and interactive break out sessions focused on discussing regulatory changes to ICH E6 R3 and a single national research ethics board process. We were pleased to have representation from our 11 Clinical TrialUnits, 28 Research Networks, 20 Portfolio Hospitals, RFA winners, PatientPartners, trialists, students, sponsors, and industry. This event provided a unique environment where professionals from diverse fields of clinical research shared knowledge and fostered new connections to drive clinical trials and healthcare innovation forward. To encourage ongoing engagement and strengthen our collaborative efforts, we invite you to access the valuable meeting materials provided below:

ACT-AEC First Annual Meeting

At the ACT-AEC First Annual Meeting, ACT-AEC invited 48 Canadian biotechnology companies to present their work to members of the consortium. ACT-AEC is proud to share the experiences of these companies in connecting with ACT-AEC’s consortium partners. To connect with ACT-AEC, contact us.