ACT-AEC Vancouver Meeting, 2024, photo by: Akhil Tej Kantipuly
Anita Sengar, Jay Udel, ACT-AEC Vancouver Meeting 2024, photo by Akhil Tej Kantipuly

Vancouver Meeting

We’re advancing on key commitments towards establishing a single national distributive Research Ethics Board (REB) process with strict timelines. We recently convened in Vancouver with REB, institutional, patient partners, and industry stakeholders from across the country to further engage and inform the development of a forthcoming request for proposal to further this effort.

The review process for starting and conducting multisite RCTs across Canada can be repetitive, costly, and time consuming. Our approach seeks to eliminate delays in approvals, ensuring that Canadians can swiftly access the benefits of trials, and advance their overall health and well-being.

PEI Meeting