Canadian Stroke Prevention Intervention Network (C-SPIN) (formerly CAF-SPIN) network was established to conduct research studies to determine how to prevent stroke due to a common heart rhythm condition called atrial fibrillation (AF). This network has successfully designed and funded six major clinical research studies and over a dozen smaller studies, all aimed at reducing the number of strokes in Canada due to AF. C-SPIN has achieved a presence on the world academic stage with over 200 scientific publications in this area, including some in the very top medical journals, like the New England Journal of Medicine; scientific results from C-SPIN studies have been included in clinical practice guidelines and help physicians around the world deliver better care to patients. C-SPIN has made important linkages with external organizations in several countries, including the AFNET in Germany, and was a founding member of the international AF-SCREEN organization, which is an organization of doctors, patients, and policy makers who seek to find cost-effective ways to prevent stroke in the community through screening for AF.