National Training Framework

The ACT-AEC National Training Framework brings together clinical trials training opportunities from the 7 CIHR Funded Clinical Trials Training Platforms (CTTP) as well as additional training resources to support a range of learners (e.g., trialists, trainees, clinical research professionals, patients and the public, etc.) and learning styles from the ACT Consortium’s Clinical Trial Units (CTU), Clinical Trials Networks (CTN), and Portfolio Hospitals (PH). Our collective goal is to accelerate clinical trials by building capacity and sharing knowledge and best practices across the ACT Consortium.

Table of Contents

Our Partner Clinical Trials Training Platforms (CTTPs):

Canadian Behavioural Intervention and Trials Network
CANadian Consortium of Clinical Trial TRAINing Platform
Canadian Network for Statistical Training in Trials
Canadian Training Platform for Trials Leveraging Existing Networks
Health Data Research Network Canada Pragmatic Trials Training Program
Increasing capacity for Maternal and Pediatric Clinical Trials
Innovative Clinical Trials Training Initiatives for STROKE and COGnition

Online Learning

Clinical Trials Training Platforms (CTTPs) have been collaborating to harmonize training resources for various learners involved in clinical trials in Canada through online learning available at no cost on Learning Management Systems (LMS).

CANTRAIN LMS (collaboration of CANTRAIN, CAN-TAP-TALENT & StrokeCog)

  • CANTRAIN offers general online clinical trials training courses for four streams of learners: graduates and postdoctoral trainees; clinical research professionals; trialists; and community partners & patients. Click here to register for an account.

IMPaCT Training Modules on the RISE LMS

  • IMPaCT will have training modules on maternal and pediatric trials available on the RISE LMS in early 2024. Click here to register for an account. The IMPaCT Learning Pathway includes foundational skills in engagement, ethics and cultural safety alongside 5 courses in clinical trials. The IMPaCT courses are freely available open for anyone to take. Courses can be taken individually to obtain certificates or if you would like to be added to the full IMPaCT learning pathway, you can request access through RiSE or contact the IMPaCT trials team

Maximizing your Research on Obesity and Diabetes (MyRoad) on the RISE LMS

  • MyRoad offers a Virtual Core Training Program related to diabetes, obesity and cardiometabolic conditions on the RISE LMS. 

Canadian Community ICU Research Network (CCIRNet) Community ICU Research Toolkit

  • CCIRNet, of the The Canadian Critical Care Trials Group (CCCTG), offers this practical guide for community hospitals planning to build a research program.

Sepsis Canada & LifTING Research Training Programs: Closed

  • Sepsis Canada and LifTING Research Training Programs offer 24-month virtual training programs (70-100 hrs) with mentorship to a range of interdisciplinary trainees interested in improving care and outcomes for sepsis and life threatening illness patients.


ACT Canada Webinars Series


CANSTAT Webinars
  • CANSTAT offers webinars on advanced statistical topics to trainees and mentors regularly. To access recordings of webinars, email Valerie Bishop,
CANTRAIN Webinars 
  • CANTRAIN hosts monthly webinars through their LMS. Click here to register for an account and view their upcoming webinars.
IMPaCT Monthly Webinars
  • IMPaCT hosts monthly webinars on topics related to perinatal and pediatric trials. Click here to view their upcoming webinars.

Recorded ACT Webinars

Training and Support Awards

To support the development of the next generation of clinical trials researchers, Clinical Trials Training Platforms (CTTPs) offer training awards annually to graduate students, postdoctoral trainees, and early career researchers.

CAN TAP TALENT Travel Awards:  Open (Applications reviewed on a rolling basis)

  • Travel Awards are available to encourage eligible candidates to attend and actively participate at a national or international academic clinical research conference. 

CBITN Studentships and Fellowships: Open (Due: May 27, 2024)

  • CBITN offers 12-month awards to ~20-30 full-time masters and PhD students and postdoctoral fellows each year whose research is related to behavioural trials and aligned with the objectives of CBITN.

CANTRAIN Studentships and Fellowships: Open (Due: May 31, 2024)

CAN TAP TALENT Student Awards: Open (Due: May 31, 2024)

  • CAN-TAP-TALENT offers 12-month salary awards to 13 masters each year to masters and PhD students and postdoctoral fellows.

StrokeCog Fellowships: Open (Due: May 31, 2024)

  • StrokeCog offers 4 clinical (MD) and research (PhD) fellowships each year to stroke trainees in diverse care settings. Click here to apply.

CANSTAT Fellowship Program: Closed

  • CANSTAT offers 12-month salary awards to 10 biostatistics fellows each year. Applications are welcomed from individuals with MSc or PhD in statistics, biostatistics, or a relevant health discipline. Click here to apply.

CAN TAP TALENT EDIA Summer Student Awards: Closed

  • This grant aims to provide awards to students to enhance the knowledge and skills to deliver and advocate for equitable, anti-oppressive care for their patients and clinical research participants as well as equitable, anti-oppressive academic and work environments.

At this time, this CIHR-funded CAN TAP TALENT Student Summer Award is exclusively for candidates who identify as Black, Indigenous, or visible minority student researchers.

HDRN Canada Training Awards: Closed

  • HDRN Canada offers 70 24-month salary awards to faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and highly qualified personnel training in pragmatic trials.

IMPaCT Salary Awards: Closed (Re-opening in August 2024)

  • IMPaCT offers 12-month salary awards to ~15 trainees each year including PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, and early career researchers. Two of these awards are dedicated to individuals who identify as Black or Indigenous.

  • IMPaCT training awards facilitate participation in a 1-year immersive learning experience with assigned mentors and deliverables. This program is designed to give you the skills and network to design, conduct, and communicate about clinical trials with pregnant people and children (neonates through adolescents). Click here to view the application guidelines.


To gain practical training through experiential learning opportunities, Clinical Trials Training Platforms (CTTPs) offer the following internship opportunities:

CAN TAP TALENT Internships Clinical Research Professional, Early Career Researchers: Open (Due May 31, 2024)

  • A 12-month salary award to support experiential learning.

CANTRAIN – Graduate and Postgraduate Trainees: Closed (Opening in 2024)

  • A 4-month salary award to support experiential learning.

CANTRAIN – Clinical Research Professionals:  Closed (Reopening in June 2024)

  • A 12-month salary award to support experiential learning.

CANTRAIN – Landed Immigrants: Closed (Opening in 2024)

  • Awards of varied lengths that support experiential learning in Canadian clinical trials settings.

CANTRAIN – Community Partners: Closed (Opening in 2024)

  • Awards of varied lengths to offer community partners learning experiences in Canadian clinical trials settings.

StrokeCog – Clinical Research Professionals, Early Career Researchers, Graduate & Postdoctoral Trainees: Closed (Reopening in June 2024)

  • A 12-month salary award to support experiential learning.


Numerous mentorship opportunities are available through Clinical Trials Training Platforms (CTTPs), and are offered in a range of formats (online, in-person, triads, etc.).


  • CANSTAT Biostatistics Fellows are co-mentored by a biostatistician and a clinical investigator throughout the 12-month program. Click here to view the list of mentors.


  • CANTRAIN Connect offers online mentorship to trainees through a pan-Canadian network of subject matter experts, available through their Learning Management System (LMS). Interested in joining as a mentor? Click here to learn more and register.


  • CBITN’s Trainees are co-mentored by an academic and a non-academic mentor who support the trainee’s development throughout the 12-month program. Click here to view the list of mentors.


  • IMPaCT Fellows are assigned two to four mentors, including academic and parent/youth partners, with specialization in perinatal and pediatric trials and patient engagement through a 12-month program. The mentors provide active and ongoing support in the development of a fundable clinical trial protocol. Click here for the list of mentors.

In-Person Learning

In-person education opportunities foster connection and learning with peers, and academic and industry professionals. The opportunities below include Canadian clinical trials conferences and summits.

International Behavioural Trials Network (IBTN) Conference 

  • CBITN hosts summer courses and learning opportunities at the annual IBTN Conference. Join CBITN May 16-18, 2024 in Montreal QC for this year’s annual conference! Click here to register.

IMPaCT Annual Summit

  • Join IMPaCT for their annual summit June 3-4, 2024 in Vancouver, BC! Click here for additional details and to register. This year’s meeting is being held in conjunction with the Perinatal Child Health Research Community June 2-7, 2024.

Community of Practice for Research

Communities of Practice create opportunities to identify and work through real-world challenges in clinical trials, with the support of colleagues and experts.

CAN TAP Talent Communities of Practice

  • Starting in 2024, CAN TAP TALENT will host 3 ECHO Communities of Practice for Clinical Trails for 1) Trialists 2) Biostatisticians and 3) Clinical Research Personnel.  Click here to learn more about the ECHO Community of Practice model.

Patient Engagement Resources

Clinical trials would not be possible without the active engagement of the public, patients, patient partners, communications professionals, and community partners. Below are available resources to address training needs of community members.

Be the Cure

  • Learn more about how to become a patient partner in research, hear stories from other patient partners, and explore the directory of current studies across Canada.

CANTRAIN Training Platform, Stream 4

  • CANTRAIN offers online training and mentorship for community partners through “Stream 4” of their Learning Management System (LMS). Modules will be available in late 2024.

Knowledge Mobilization

For clinical trials to have an impact, the knowledge generated by the trials needs to be shared in usable formats for a range of audiences that can benefit from that knowledge. Below are some toolkits and resources that can be used to start planning knowledge mobilization strategies for clinical trials:

Knowledge Institute on Child and Youth Mental Health and Addictions: 

Integrating trials with existing evidence, GRADE Working Group: 

National Collaborating Centres for Methods and Tools: 

Plain Language Summaries for Trial Participants and the Public, Clinical Trials Ontario (CTO): 

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