CCCTG is a pan-Canadian partnership of multi-disciplinary, inter-professional researchers in acute and critical care, rehabilitation, and outpatient care. It is the world’s first investigator-led and peer-funded acute and critical care research consortium. It has served as a model for the creation of trials groups in Critical Care Medicine around the world, and as a model for many other trials groups in Canada. The CCCTG has led clinical trials and pandemic research for over 30 years, converting CIHR investment into lives and healthcare dollars saved, while mentoring and serving as a template for many other Canadian and international research networks. It is the lead organization for the recently extended COVID-19 Network of Clinical Trials Networks. The CCCTG’s 400 members (patient partners, clinical and translational scientists, health care professionals, research coordinators, and trainees) at pediatric and adult healthcare centres across Canada are engaged in over 150 research programs in various areas of critical care. The CCCTG has over 400 publications, including 20 in the New England Journal of Medicine.