The RIMUHC is one of the largest clinical trial units in Canada and comprises 600 researchers, 1300 trainees and 1500 support staff. We are closely intertwined with McGill University, the McGill University Health Centre, and the Montreal Children’s Hospital. The RI-MUHC leads national and international clinical trials that are investigator initiated and/or linked with the private sector, working with patient partners. Our scientists provide training and mentoring to a rich cohort of outstanding McGill graduate students. The RI-MUHC offers expertise in the areas of clinical trial design, management, training and implementation through the McConnell Centre for Innovative Medicine, which is fully equipped to conduct phase 1, 2 and 3 trials, allowing us to help achieve the collective goals of the ACT consortium. The Clinical Innovation Platform, embedded within RI-MUHC, allows us to advance patient care based on clinical trial results. We contribute to and lead development of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies and technologies brought to market. We have expert trialists in appropriate prescribing, oncology, cardiology, respirology, infectious diseases, pediatric gene therapy, and more. Practice-changing randomized controlled trials led by our institute have been published in the NEJM, such as short course TB therapy in adults and children, and studies that established the evidence base for repurposed medications for the treatment of COVID-19.