CPN is the first chronic pain research network in Canadian history and has had a remarkable impact on both research and federal health policy. By implementing the practice of patient engagement in research across the country, the CPN has changed the way in which pain research is conducted. Patient-derived priorities for pain research have been developed across the lifespan, and these have further informed priorities for a newly created research network focusing on chronic pain in veterans. The people with lived experience who are partnering with the CPN were called upon to inform Health Canada as it revised its approach to the opioid crisis. This in turn led to the creation of the Canadian Pain Task Force by the Federal Health Minister. The Task Force has made sweeping recommendations for a national “Action Plan for Pain in Canada” including continuing to support the CPN’s ‘Clinical Research Network’ (CRN), created as a collaboration amongst 10 academic pain centres and has now grown to include 24 academic pain centres across the country, collaborating in local and multi site clinical trials in pain.