MICYRN is a federal not-for-profit, charitable organization founded in 2006 to build capacity for high quality, applied health research. The network links 21 maternal and child health research member organizations based at academic health centers in Canada. MICYRN is affiliated with more than 25 practice-based research networks, provides support to new and emerging teams, and has established strong national and international partnerships. The mission of MICYRN is to catalyze advances in maternal and child healthcare by connecting minds and removing barriers to high-quality health research. MICYRN is working towards building a national infrastructure to attract and facilitate the conduct of maternal-child investigator-initiated and industry-sponsored, multicenter clinical trials. Although clinical trial activity is a key focus for MICYRN, the network also prioritizes quality improvement initiatives, supports training and mentorship programs for emerging investigators and new trainees, and leverages national partnerships to lead advocacy initiatives for regulatory and ethical pathways in Canada.