Members of the DCTN have been involved in almost all of the major international diabetes trials conducted over the last decade as designers, leaders, coordinators, and/or recruiters. These include the effect of three landmark trials of more versus less intense glucose lowering effects on clinical outcomes (the DCCT in type 1 diabetes, and the ACCORD and ADVANCE trial in type 2 diabetes), more than 40 large landmark outcomes trials of glucose, lipid, and blood pressure therapies in type 2 diabetes, trials of type 2 diabetes remission, and many trials of insulin pump therapy and the artificial pancreas in type 1 diabetes. Collectively these trials have changed diabetes, lipid and blood pressure guidelines and indeed the whole approach to the care of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The DCTN is chaired by Dr. Hertzel Gerstein, Senior Scientist and Deputy Director, PHRI.