The CSC is the national professional association for stroke physicians that addresses advocacy, education, and clinical stroke research. The majority of CSC members are active in clinical trials that represent over 30 stroke centers across Canada. Over 90% of all fellowship-trained stroke neurologists are full members of the organization. The CSC has established a strong partnership with the biotech industry within Canada and abroad through collaboration on many industry led clinical trials and knowledge translation activities over many decades. Industry knows to come to CSC early in the process when trial design advice and enrolment is needed because of the CSC’s well-established trial review process to assist the biotech industry.

Novel contributions to ACT that CSC would bring include: a well developed certification program for fellows within a two year Scholar framework with established activities including research days and minimal academic requirements; a CSC-funded pan-Canadian EVT/thrombolysis registry that has been successfully used to complete a registry-based randomized trial; a multi-decade tested model of sustainable pan-Canadian trial network activity funded without assistance from federal agencies; a multi-decade trial review process to assist biotech industry partners (large or small) with design, feasibility and site selection within Canada; integration with stroke recovery trial networks CanStroke and CanStim with members involved in multiple organizations allowing regular communication and collaboration.