CanStim’s mission to advance non-invasive brain stimulation (NIBS) technologies for the improvement of brain health through research, education, and knowledge translation is supported by  developing brain stimulation protocols and technologies informed by a mechanistic understanding of how brain stimulation techniques can shape the brain in health and diseases. CanStim provides an integrated bench-to-bedside platform, consisting of a national clinical trial network for multicenter studies (CanStim-Clin) and an applied pre-clinical research platform (CanStim-Pre) to facilitate collaboration of clinical and pre-clinical researchers from project inception. While the CanStim research and development vision can be applied to multiple different neurological diseases and other NIBS modalities, the platform is currently focused on advancing NIBS for post-stroke recovery to leverage existing trial networks, infrastructure and NIBS expertise in Canada.

The CanStim clinical trial network comprises eight sites across Canada. CanStim published guidelines for conducting NIBS trials and has positioned itself as opinion leader through knowledge dissemination initiatives. CanStim lead PIs have been invited to participate in an International Roundtable convened by the International Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation Alliance to develop consensus recommendations for the translation of non-invasive brain stimulation techniques in to clinical practice. As a device-testing platform, CanStim is the Canadian partner for the stimulation device industry from early device development stages through all phases of clinical trials.