The Canadian Donation and Transplantation Research Program (CDTRP) was founded in 2013 with the mission of harnessing the power of research and collaboration to fulfill every donation opportunity and turn transplantation into a cure. CDTRP brought together the distinct solid organ, hematopoietic cell, and donation research communities through funded research projects, and transitioned in 2018 to become a national network of infrastructure to support research.

The CDTRP rapidly became the ‘go to’ platform in Canada for donation and transplantation research. Through the network, CDTRP investigators bring new ideas, find collaborators and partners, and receive resources and infrastructure to strengthen their research and increase their success. The network has grown to include more than 340 member researchers, trainees, and patient, family and donor partners at 37 sites across Canada, with 70+ partner organizations in Canada and around the world. The research community’s ability to produce, synthesize, and mobilize evidence, work together flexibly with partners, and connect people and organizations is forging the path to health, social, and economic benefits. Indeed, connectivity is the most-valued aspect of the CDTRP: connecting researchers to each other, with the network of partner organizations and stakeholders, and with PFD partners.