Dr. Gihad Nesrallah specializes in nephrology. HRH is affiliated with the University of Toronto and Queen’s University, is a fully digital hospital, and is one of the largest regional acute care hospitals serving more than 850,000 people in the northwest Greater Toronto Area (GTA). A Northwest Toronto Ontario Health Team (HRH and partner organizations) planning exercise found that, compared to other Ontario sites, HRH has a greater proportion of patients over 80, the greatest number of recent immigrants, higher chronic disease prevalence, the second highest rate of ED usage, and 11% of patients lack a primary care provider. Research areas of interest include cancer, critical care, nephrology, surgical services, and infectious diseases.


Canadian Deprescribing Network (CaDeN), Canadian Nephrology Trials Network (CNTN, Cardiometabolic Health, Diabetes, and Obesity Research Network (CMDO), Ontario Clinical Oncology Group, Canadian Critical Care Trials Group (CCCTG)